Visual Studio Theme Generator

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Color Settings


Theme Generator by Ryan and Joel Lanciaux.


#region "preprocessor"
//this is a comment
public static string ToHexString(this Color c)
   string hex = "00000000";
   hex += ColorTranslator.ToWin32(c).ToString("X");
   return hex.Substring(hex.Length - 8, 8);

To Create A Theme
  1. Select your Colors and Contrast settings on the left
  2. Press refresh in the preview window
  3. Click Create to save your new theme (ie users will need to file save as on the next screen)

To install the new settings file:
  1. Click tools
  2. Import and Export Settings
  3. Choose 'Import Selected Environment Settings' and click Next
  4. Backup current settings and continue
  5. Browse to the download location and click Next
  6. The Next screen you can confirm that you're overwriting just the fonts and color and click Finish

For best results try the following fonts: